Dog Attacks 4-Year-Old Girl, Dad Kills It, Saves Her and Gets Arrested

A father of a 4-year-old girl was arrested after killing a dog that had attacked his daughter. The little girl was left with serious injuries but her father came to her rescue.

His actions landed him in a lot of trouble, but he says it was worth it to save his daughter.

Chris Ford says he did what he had to do. It was a “spur-of-the-moment” decision and he felt he had no choice when the family dog began mauling his daughter.

But because of his own criminal history, the State said he no longer had the right to defend himself against a human or non-human aggressor. Simply possessing a gun as a felon – even though he used it heroically – has landed him in jail, facing new felony charges and years in prison.

Right now, 4-year-old Zaynah Ford remains in the hospital. She will survive though thanks to her father’s brave actions, that disregarded his own well-being and freedom to save her life.

Why the family pit-bull named Tobin attacked Zaynah is unknown. It happened only moments after she had gotten out of the swimming pool at her grandmother’s home on Saturday.

Chris heard what happened and came running to help when he heard his daughter screaming.

“My baby is bleeding, I can’t even see her face, I don’t know where all the blood is coming from, I just see a big hole in her head… I pulled him off my daughter; I threw him, as soon as I threw him I grabbed my daughter and ran inside,” Chris Ford recalled.

When he returned with a firearm, that’s when the State says he broke the law.