Rescuers Found A Desperate Pit Bull Clinging To A Fence. Then They Get Closer

Recently, terrible storms and flash flooding hit Louisiana extremely hard. The weather has displaced thousands of people, caused millions of dollars in property damage, and put many pets and wild animals in life-threatening situations.

A pair with the names of Mike Anderson and Darrell Watson, who are volunteer rescuers, made local headlines for saving two pit bulls – the two pups were believed to be stranded in the waters for more than 16 hours!

It was the series of flash floods that hit Louisiana – which have claimed at least 11 human lives to date. However, it is unknown to how many animals were left homeless in this unfortunate natural disaster. Thankfully, people like Mike and Darrell are always there to help them out!

Baton Rouge was covered in the aftermath of the severe flash floods – with over 8 feet of water flooding the areas within two hours! Josh Petit was safely on his boat until he spotted something struggling to surface within the bushes – it was a dog! And another!


He and his friend Darrell Watson have combed flooded communities searching for people who are stranded or otherwise in need of help

The two have also saved many pets who were stranded in precarious situations, but two animals in particular stand out.

Mike and Darrell found a pit bull who had been treading water trying to stay alive for around 16 hours, and they knew they had to help.