Giant Snake Eats Itself To Death After Being Punctured From The Inside By Its Porcupine Meal

Snakes will devour anything they can, even if it is larger than them or even its own kind. But there is one particular snake who eats itself to death, as it devoured the wrong meal.

This 13ft African rock python was discovered by a mountain biker, lying next to a cycle track at Lake Eland Game Reserve in South Africa.

And it’s pretty full judging by its bloated belly.

Though the snake is already dead when the reserve managers found it beneath a rocky ledge.

Curious what’s inside the snake, game reserve keepers dissected it’s belly.

Apparently, the python died while trying to digest its final meal…

But reserve general manager Jennifer Fuller said the snake might have fallen off a rocky ledge which may have driven the quills into its digestive tract.

Most snake species rely on thermal or chemical sensory mechanisms to ambush prey at night instead of visual sight. This means the python did not see the threat of the porcupine’s spikes and devoured it until it’s too late.
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